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La Paz is one of the most beautiful cities on the west coast of America with a long history. Since it was founded by Hernán Cortés in 1535 and colonized by the Jesuits at the beginning of 1700, it has maintained its tranquil character, its openness to the sea and its fishing population.

The historic Mission and Cathedral of Our Lay of the Pillar of La Paz, founded in 1723, is in perfect state of conservation and is open to worship. In 1733 the image of Our Lady of the Pillar was moved to Todos Santos Mission, and was replaced by the current image of Our Lady of La Paz.

A 5 mile long walkway by the waterfront stands out, where you can finds an abundance of shops and restaurants with national and international cuisines, bars and other services to enjoy the stay.
La Paz is the door to the greatest natural aquarium of the world (the Sea of Cortes). All types of leisure activities can be found, like diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, water biking, and adventure tourism of all types.

The growing investment in tourism in La Paz has permitted access to first scale services and installations such as great golf courses, and luxury yacht and boat rentals.

Wondering what to do in La Paz, Mexico? Discover some of the activities and places of interest to visit in La Paz, Baja California Sur:

– Beaches

Beaches are among the greatest attractions of La Paz where one can bath and swim without worrying about strong currents of low temperatures typical of the Pacific. You will find white sand beaches where to sunbathe and swim under a palapa with a refreshing drink. In many of these locations you can rent a watercraft to explore the coast from the sea. Among the most popular beaches are Balandra, el Tecolote, el Tesoro, el Coromuel y Pichilingue. Each offers a variety of services and unique landscapes for every type of traveler. Please ask at our reception about different ways of getting to your desired destination, as well as what you should take for each itinerary.

– Espiritu Santo Island

There are different options of vessels that will allow you to arrive at this island. On trips that last from 4 to 8 hours depending on the provider, you can admire the fabulous marine fauna of the Sea of Cortez, as well as the magnificent geology of this natural reserve. You can enjoy the intact beaches where the crew may offer you some shellfish delicatessen, or you can practice snorkeling surrounded by sea lions. A few plans will offer camping on the island, where you may enjoy the complete outdoor experience.

The island was discovered by Hernan Cortes on his trip to the peninsula in 1534, and named it Pearl Island on account of the great quantity of oysters he found there. Many years later, in 1631, Juan de Iturbe and Francisco de Ortega, who farmed oysters, re-baptized the island with current name. Espiritu Santo is the natural habitat and refuge of a number of endemic species such as blue heron, red-tailed falcon, bell-shaped cat and black-tailed hare. There are also sea lions and seals. Although the island was once inhabited, Espiritu Santo is currently only a place of leisure for animal and bird watching, and one of the greatest attractions of La Paz.

– Restaurants & Nightlife

The quiet atmosphere of La Paz allows travelers to walk by the malecón or enjoy the many shops, cafés, restaurants, clubs, and discotheques available in the city. Recently, a good number of new restaurants have opened for you to discover and enjoy: Caprichos, Azul de Cortés, Taninos, Milanos, Stella, etc.

– Golf

The city of La Paz competes at a par with the best international golf options thanks to three of the most spectacular courses in the country, 18-hole, par 72. Costa Baja Golf Club provides some of the most luxurious services and installations in the city. Paraiso del Mar with impressive ocean views, and Bahia de los Sueños Golf & Beach Club. They represent a true challenge for the most experienced players as they combine an intimidating course with spectacular sea views. The warm climate and the great Sea of Cortez view are an added attraction.

– Dar Excursions from La Paz

In a radius within two hours of La Paz you can explore the most picturesque sites in Baja, such as Todos Santos, El Triunfo, San Antonio, San Bartolo, Santiago, Buena Vista, or Los Barriles.
The narrowness of the peninsula at the latitude of La Paz offers the option of enjoying other fabulous beaches nearby both on the Pacific side as well as on the Sea of Cortez, such as Cabo Pulmo, with is fascinating coral reefs, or Cerritos with is growing interest for surfers.

On excursions on horseback or walking, you may enjoy the abundant semi-desert flora of the area, with more than 3.000 species of identified plants, among which stand out the Cardon cactus, biznaga, rock-growing fig, mesquite, or the Washingtonia palm, which predicts the presence of water.
In San Simón you will find the Cactus Sanctuary, where you may walk a trail with a great variety of cacti in the natural state. Among the fauna most present we find the coyote, fox, mountain lion, wild goat (cimarrón), white-tail deer, and among the birds, the roadrunner, the vulture, and a multitude of seagulls and birds of prey.

– Fishing

La Paz offers first class catch and release and sport fishing along with vocational packages during the entire year both for the experienced fisherman as well as for those wishing to feel the emotion of fishing in deep waters. The warm climate and the abundant as well as challenging species such Dorado and Marlin throughout the year have converted La Paz in one of the favorite fishing destinations for national and international visitors.